Today is the day! (Hopefully)


So, I have a 10/30 Estimated Shipment Notification Date. Pro orders are on day 27 (according to the top banner)

Today should be a good day (fingers crossed)!

Who else is awaiting an email today?


Good luck! We’re rooting for you!


They were right on time for my email notification on Friday, so you should get yours today.

Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten your notice by 5pm. A lot of people are getting their notifications late in the evening (I received mine after 9:30 pm eastern. I thought someone on Facebook received theirs around 11pm eastern).


The majority that I have seen in my lurking around the forum were around 10 pme est, so that is what I am expecting!

Thanks for letting me know yours was on time!


Me too:)


Good luck today!


It will happen and then you will be so happy. :sunglasses:


I also have a 10/30 shipping date (or golden e-mail date), fingers crossed. It is 11:40 here in NJ and I have not yet received my golden e-mail. But, I kind of figure NJ being in EST it may come late in the day.


I am right there with you dave2. :slight_smile:

kinda twitching at this point.


Mine came after 9pm (eastern) on Friday. (Came on date in my profile). Others have gotten theirs after 10pm, so don’t sweat it if you haven’t gotten it yet.


Understood. I am not getting too anxious yet, as I see most people get them late in the evening over here on the east coast.

Just sitting here anxiously waiting. :smiley:


Anxiously waiting on my e-mail too!! =) Good luck for solid dates everyone!


For me … 10:19 pm (EDT) on Friday the day promised. So, it’s kinda like childbirth … the water has broken, labor is progressing slowly, the pains will intensify soon, and then OMG the email appears. :glowforge::sunglasses::tada::confetti_ball::balloon:


Just got that beautiful email @ 5:21pm est!


Yahooooooooo - got mine just after 5 est today!!!


Well mine came at 4:21 pm. Takes forever to get thru the legal mumbo jumbo. I think the legal part was one of the big delays in getting the glowforge out to everyone :smile:


Wonderful surprise to see at the end of a long work day!! I got it at 2:39pm (PST)!!


Congrats to all that got their email today! Now we wait! I think I have estimated other owners are seeing about a 3 week wait until GF delivery (I know this can take longer).

Cannot wait!!


I hope you get your Glowforge soon and it works flawlessly. It’s been so fun making things.

And funny enough, this whole Glowforge delay thing has lead me to make a vow:

I will not use the words, “I can’t wait!” any more to express my anticipation of good things to come. In fact, I have learned that not only can I wait, but I just had better learn how to make that waiting bearable if not productive.


Congratulations! :smile: