Today's Soup, and a Story

Saw this on a chalk board and had to redesign for a birch plywood plaque to put in my home bar. Since then, several friends have asked for one for them.


Then I had to engrave some ceramic tiles to use as coasters. Used the same glass of ice croutons for those.


So terribly tragic but yet so good! :grin:


Love it!


These are really cute.


Those (the first one) were everywhere in London last time my daughter and I were there in 2018 - but “whiskey”…

I made similar for a good friend back here, he has it in his pool/poker room. We like to share single malts. I used a photo of a chalk board sign to engrave it. Can’t find the pic, no longer on my phone, but I remember where I took it - at a pub near Wagamama next to the tower of London.

Wagamama gets a bad rep in the UK but we liked it. Wish we had similar over here.


Those are great.

For many years, I drank Dewars with a couple of ice cubes. One day someone suggested switching out the cubes for crushed ice.

Wow— that switch took the Dewars to another level. Very different and much better.

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The first remedy for pain? I will never look a a loaf of bread the same now.

Very clever! I might have to make one for me

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Very funny!

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Yeah, the first one, I switched to ‘Bourbon’ since I lived in Kentucky for several years. The coasters, I left as whiskey in case I moved…7 months later, work relocated me to Michigan.

Single malts are almost always a good choice too.

The UK is on my wish list of travel. Family immigrated from there a few generations back.

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