Toilet Humor, or: How the Glowforge has maybe saved me $114!

LOL, ok, try not to giggle, and I know that it isn’t the prettiest of things, but check this out…

One of the hinges of one of our toilet seats snapped (was loose, young kids move around too much on it, what are ya gonna do…), and I tossed out the broken off piece, thinking “no big deal, will just buy another one on Amazon” (this was our second seat).

Um, dang, this model and color is discontinued, and the replacements ones are $114!!

Glowforge to the rescue!!

Some calipers, some inkscape, a drill (to put a hole in the remaining part of the hinge), a piece of 1/4 inch clear acrylic and another 1/8th piece, a stainless screw, and voila!

A fully functional, repaired seat. Not that pretty, I know…we may still buy a replacement…

Hhhmmm…still not sure what we will do in the end


You know, it’s just not something most folks are going to notice… I think it’s great! :grinning:


$114… goodness but can’t you almost but a whole new toilet for that? Nice repair piece!


I feel your pain. The house I moved into last year has a mid-century bathroom and I need to replace the seat as well. Not a lot of call for Venetian Pink these days.


ooooh, nice money-saving fix. :thumbsup: Looks like the non-broken side has some sort of hinge cover. I wonder if you could 'forge up a some kid-friendly (or otherwise artsy) hinge covers? (not sure how they’re attached)


Cool! I’m wondering if you annealed the acrylic after cutting it to reduce the brittleness. If you find that the piece snaps too easily I’ll bet you could cut the same part out of acetal (Delrin).


Yeah! nice job, this kind of use is my favorite to see!

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I love the functional uses like this.

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Love the ingenuity. I just don’t think that acrylic will last. If it goes, polycarb is your friend.


I was concerned about that; will keep delrin in mind, thank you! 1/4 inch is really strong though, i think…will see what happens…