Tokens for Scouts

My Scout troop has a big weekend for thanksgiving. We roast a bunch of turkeys in a pit, make a bunch of pies in dutch ovens and then feed about 100 people.

Because I could… I made up some tokens for the boys. Used the proofgrade medium draftboard.

Just think what kind of tokens you can make…


Cool. You could also make them up for toten chips (we required scouts to have a toten chips to be allowed to carry a jackknife - most kids lose the paper card version pretty quickly).


I love those! (Particularly the little pies!) :smile:

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The pie was a find via google image search - an SVG.

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It was that way when I was scout, I still a few of have mine, but if you lost it you had to take the class again. It does kind of encourage the scout to keep track of it.

Some of my best memories are of Scouting! Thanks for supporting the tradition!

PS I never lost the Chip