Back in January we got what looks like the RSVP one. It was offered by a different seller and was only $9. That seller isn’t offering it any more. Also, at that price there was no way to specify the color, it was random whether you got a black or a red one. My buddy got the black one and I got the red.

I actually like the more brushed look of the Excel steel one, and it’s cheaper. It looks cool, just don’t look for it to be a very good timer at this price.

Also note that the magnet on the ones we got aren’t very strong. If you try to turn the dial while on the fridge, the whole thing turns. I guess you could glue it to the fridge if you’d like. That would reduce the risk of anyone turning it and it moving and scratching the paint.

The other thing that he did on his own was convert the cheap file cabinet on the left of the fridge to his trash can. Top drawer is normal, but he cut the bottom out of the middle one, attached the middle and bottom drawers together and put a small trashcan in there. Sure beats the white rubbermaid one he used to have there.