Nothing earth shattering here. Just a little something to give you project ideas. Maybe even for Father’s Day. I had designed some logos for friends’ home bars and got the idea of making some novelty drink tokens for them. One of them is for a Banker that I used to work with and is still one of my best friends. He likes to entertain at home and may even hand these out to his good customers (ones that he knows would appreciate an adult beverage). This was a good way to show my friends the “WOW” factor of the :glowforge:. Now they appreciate all my babbling about “when my laser gets here” that they had to persevere.

Phone numbers are blanked out. If you can find their place, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind Glowstrangers dropping in, just say Bill sent you. I just don’t think they’d appreciate random phone calls. :smile: The :proofgrade: Walnut plywood engraves best with the darkest color setting. The Maple was done at one of the medium settings. They are about 1 3/4 inches in diameter.

My friends thought they were cool.


This pic probably really belongs in the Show & Tell section, but it ties into the Banker’s Vault token. This was a blah white fridge that was painted with matte black chalk paint. I cut the gold vinyl designs on my Silhouette Cameo and applied them. Then the fridge was lightly waxed to protect the chalk paint. The safe dial is a $9 magnetic Retro Kitchen Timer from Amazon. It sucks as a timer, but makes a great safe dial.




wow - I never would have guess that started as a white fridge. nice work.


What a great idea! I’m thinking Items like these are perfect for laser gatherings with your friends where everybody wants to do a little item. They don’t take a lot of time, and are so personal and one of a kind.


Thanks, not Glowforge related, but was a good project and really helped disguise the white elephant in the room that was the fridge.


haha i love all of this. totally stealing the token idea to invite the new neighbors over


Those came out great


Nice job on the vinyl application. Looks great.


Lots of weeding on that Celtic Winged Cross at the bottom. Luckily the owner had Guinness on tap for repayment!


I’m assuming payment was post installation. If it was pre installtion I’m doubly impressed on it being all as straight as you got it.


These are very fun and cool! You may remember…round dealies like this are right up my alley!


I also got dinner to set a solid base, then payment during and after.


Very nice!!! Great job Bill! :squee:


The tokens are sweet. Reminds me to get a bunch of wooden nickel blanks. Or just cut a slew of them from my hardwood.

The fridge safe is absolutely unique. I have never seen something like this. Great job.


While I don’t have my Glowforge yet (Come on, email of destiny!), I did these tokens on a Trotec 300 at the Techshop in Pittsburgh, PA.


I want this fridge.


WHAT?!?!? I love this! Damn the boring/actually nice looking stainless fridge we recently bought. Should have kept the old one and done something cool like you did to it.


@bill_laba I love the Tokens but I Absolutely love the Fridge / Safe. I have a small refrigerator that is soon going to be a safe. Not quite sure which one of these to buy.

or this one


@facelesscog Be careful with those coins I think someone was searching for them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: