Tonights little victory over clutter


Projects don’t have to be complex to be a win.

Ever since my 7" tablet died my new 10" has not had a good home as every mount I have it too small. Tonight I make a mount from 3… birch, some shock cord, and a couple of self stick coat hangers.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 3, 2017

Awesome !


Cool. Sometimes it is the simple designs that are the most useful. :slight_smile:


congratulations on completing your powered paragliding course and first solo flight (also i cant wait to cut stuff to mount my 'phones on).


Love it…

You have something that really needs to have a better home, but it 's potential new location doesn’t “work” (with items that fit something else.

“I have a laser” comes to the rescue and a simple fix does the job! :thumbsup:


I need one of those for the exercise equipment! (Currently have one stuck on there with Popsicle sticks.) :relaxed: :+1:


Lol, it is for people like you that you will see a corner pixeled out here and there. So you don’t have to wait for me to make more stuff in that area, there is fixed wing solo, qualifying submarines, and a nice Blue nose certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle under water.


It’s the little unimportant stuff that’s important.



umm… I WANT Those glasses!!! :smiley: