Tool for cutting down sheet stock

Might be handy if you don’t have room or budget for a full table saw…


Yep… have this. Worth the money if you only have a circular saw and need to rip plywood sheet stock.


even if you have a table saw, cutting down a full plywood sheet by yourself sucks without a very specific setup


Yup, I agree with @BSheremeto that even if you have a table saw it is nice to have an alternate way to break down full sheets. I’ve got contractors clamps that I use for guides but this would work well as well and Kreg makes good stuff and stands behind it.

I became a Kreg loyalist when I lost an adjustment screw out of a clamp of theirs and I ask if they’d send me a screw as it was something I could not source easily. Well, they just sent me another clamp! This was a $35 item mind you.


just hit my amazon wishlist.

If you have the money, I highly recommend a track saw: Makita, Dewalt and of course Festool all make great options. I still use my Kreg Rip Cut guide, but the track saw is so much better.

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Totally agree cutting full sheets alone can be very hazardous with out a good set up. This is a better way to go.

When I found out that my lumberyard will cut 1/8 baltic to 12x20 for me, that was that. No more wrangling 60x60 sheets onto my contractor table saw. I was begging for injury with that setup.