Top 3 games - game stand

We all have games we really enjoy playing but there’s your top three favorite, the ones that you always find yourself going back in time to play again.

Well I was challenged to make another game stand but this time it was requested to only use one sheet of material, have a theme, and still look good with gamer products on it.

My theme was your top three favorite games. I made it to hold your three favorite games to display front and center and then your two favorite controllers on the sides. All while only using one sheet of material. I think I did pretty well with the task given.

So I ask you, what are your top three favorite games of all time? It doesn’t have to be console related.

Here are some photos of the stand:

Also if you’d like to make your own the files for it can be found on either: FreshStartCustoms - Etsy or if you’d like to support a fellow maker.


Looks good. Great idea!



Nice stand! Although we don’t play video games. Hmm…I do have some WII games though that are tucked away in a box somewhere, as we haven’t played it in years. :thinking: But you did say other games don’t have to be console related - we play dice, Yahtzee, and dominoes.


Counterstrike, all the halos, and The early call of duty. But I really like the halos and counterstrike.