Topographical 3D Engrave

I am looking forward to learning to work with Maparetive I have had trouble finding sources of smaller scale gray elevation maps I can get to work. I had someone ask me for the Giza Plateau but the scale was so big I could hardly make out the Pyramids.

For maps from 60km to 8 km that is easy, there is that can do anywhere in the world, though outside the US it gets a mite tricky as there is only the Open Street Map. Ink Scape could make the vectors that would make the cutting tine way down but would be a great deal of work. I use Blender that creates a full 3d object but that has detail issues in the smallest scales, But I have made a whole list (150+) of places (many in Oregon) that are of considerable interest.

You can find a nice collection here with key names to help find them