Total forgechaos

why cant we have a glowforge work shop or every one pitch in a ideas and put together a starter book . mayber i should sit back and read for a week i have had forge for about 6 montgand just know figured out how to copy and paste . Im not the smartest crayon and i take basic instructions fairly well but this thing is kicking my butt ! Im not going to give up . You guys hook me up with some positive feed back .


You don’t need feedback, you need info.

It’s all here, you just need to know where to look:

Following that rabbit hole leads you to this:

Which then points you back to:

Simple, right?

There’s so much info that I just dropped on you that you will need a bunch of time to explore it all. Take small bites, learn as you go, I promise you got this.

Here’s my personal list of common questions, you might like this too:


For real though. I’ve had my forge for about the same amount of time and everything I know I know from reading the forums and already existing tutorials.


I actually thought about doing an ebook at one point but then realized that it is just too much of a moving target. By the time I’d be half way thru chapter 2, chapter 1 would be getting obsolete! Best to learn how to search. Most everything has been covered, a lot of it recently.


@evansd2 has been a big help here just by getting the links all in one place for you. These are all pretty solid sources of info. I suggest taking the time to read through it and it’ll teach you quite a bit.
The biggest learning curve is really more on learning an external program like illustrator or Inkscape. I personally use Inkscape, which is free, and am able to make all my projects with no issue. Happy Learning!


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