Totally Unique and Never Been Done! Wooden Lantern!


Ok yes, I realize there’s about a billion wooden lanterns out there, including at least one in the catalog. But I decided to make one of my own. BECAUSE I HAVE A LASER!

I used onionskin on the inside and a tiny little LED tea candle (just like everyone else) and it came out pretty… pretty.

ETA: oh, and to save this from being totally boring “oh look, another lantern” thread, I also made a dagger.

No adhesive, even! It’s held together with just those tiny 1/8" square pegs.


Nice job on both! How did you get the shaping on the blade?
(Do be careful! I would probably trip carrying it, and perf myself!) :smile:


I’ve got a little 30x1 belt sander that I used. If I’d been smart, I’d have done the details on the handles scales – around the… is it a hilt on a dagger? the middle bit – before using the pegs to put it together. At this point, I’d need a hammer to get those pins back out and would risk breaking the entire thing in the process, so I’ll probably have to finish it up using a rotary tool.


Nice on both!


That dagger is perfect for getting through metal detectors. :male_detective:


Square pegs set at 45 degrees… brilliant


Ha! Not that I would ever do such a thing. :angel:



Too cool. Almost has a damascus steel look with the grain.


Yeah, I liked that, too.
I’ve been considering making one with zebrawood or lacewood to give it a stronger contrast.