Touch-Activated Star Wars Sound Paint Stencils


I made the mylar stencils used to paint conductive paint on my son’s wall with my Glowforge. My wife used the stencils to paint the wall, and connect it to a Bare Conductive TouchBoard which she made play Star Wars sounds whenever the various characters or objects are touched.

I have a video somewhere that might help in case it doesn’t make sense. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll find a place to post and share it.


Awesome, I’m sure that will be thoroughly enjoyed!


I think your kid is the luckiest on the planet!


Holy crap! I’m so stoked for your child(ren)! Growing up in a home of (geek) makers!


This is too cool!


Pew! Pew!



I found the video! Turns out I’m bad at Instagram (at least on the web) so the video I was looking for was right next to the picture. Here it is.

I had filmed the circuit but Instagram limits to 60 seconds so I had to cut the video. But you an see it in the photo anyway.


I’m sure he’s amped to make a circuit of that room!



Ha! That’s fantastic! You’re one of the best parents ever.


That is awesome… seeing the video really shows the uniqueness (and other possibilities using that idea), Great job !


Very creative … So very cool!


Oh, that’s beyond cool! :smile:


Woohoo! This is too fun, but c’mon, who uses it more, the kids or the Dad? :wink: