Towel Dispenser


I needed a towel dispenser for my shop, so I decided to make one. Here it is. I didn’t fasten the top and put a handle on it in case I needed to grab a bunch of towels. Again, I am using cable ties to avoid using glue.


Very creative, I’ve used cable ties for other than intended uses also!


Very cool idea!


I like the cable ties…they tie in nicely with the handle. Yeah, I said it. Great project!


I love that! Particularly the rounded tabs, which have just caused a serious “Duh!” moment for me…we’ve got a laser! We can do that now! :sunglasses::+1:


Very nice! Got any pictures of the interior? Curious how you routed those zip ties.

As always this would be a good fit for Practical cuts


Love your use of cable ties!


Here’s a closeup of the inside. It’s from a different box.


Very cool. You pull those by hand with like pliers or something, or do you have a fancy zip tie gun?


Mostly by hand but sometimes with help from pliers.