Toy Badges (Paw Patrol, Odd Squad)

My best friend’s kids are huge fans of Odd Squad and Paw Patrol, respectively, so I wanted to give them something special to wear when they watch.

And I thought it couldn’t hurt to share the designs (especially since, being technically fan art, it’s pretty legally grey to sell them). They’re acrylic, just 3d engraved and painted.

Odd%20Squad%20Badge%20Printing%20File%20v4 Paw%20Patrol%20Printing%20Badge-01 Paw%20Patrol%20Printing%20Badge-02

Hopefully these SVGs upload properly, just in case I also have the AI files.


Too cool.

I’m sure they loved these!

I have to admit I’ve seen my share of Paw Patrol!

Thanks for sharing

Those badges are pretty awesome. I really love the sentiment behind their creation too.

Thank you so much for sharing! My daughters also love these shows and what a fantastic idea!

They look great!

ahhhhhhhhh! these are great. my daughter used to love odd squad and now she loves paw patrol. thank you.

Thank you so much! My son is a HUGE Odd Squad fan and I’d been wanting to make him a badge. Excellent!

this is awesome… i need to make the paw patrol badges for a birthday party… can you email me the files? and tell me what materials you used… please and thank you… the google download did not work for me.