Toy sculpture thing



So, ok, my first attempt at a sculpture/toy worked better in my head. I need to make the pockets deeper and a little more enclosed to trap the connect-y/hinge bits. The feet need to extend both directions instead of just forward (does not balance well standing up). I need to add some little nubs to all 9 pivot points, so they aren’t quite so floppy.
It would also help if I assembled it correctly, and didn’t glue-trap one of the leg-connector hinge bits in place backwards.

Here is another shot of it, this time in Sexy Beach mode.

Articulated "paper" doll question (La Calavera Catrina doll)

I knew you would push the envelope man. :sunglasses:


To paint a beach scene just for that beach pose… man your good!


Three navels?


Got a lot to stare at in contemplation…


You kidding?! That’s AWESOME!


This little guy is adorable. I love his face.


Yes, he has a very cute face! Love the beach pose!


Mini wooden bikinis for robots… A whole untapped niche .
Great job!


ha ha…sexy beach mode. That’s a cool little toy!


That’s really cool but why is he dead?!


His tongue isn’t sticking out, so… not dead!

Exhaust ports, I think.


Yes. The sexy beach pose just makes it. :wink::+1:


Hilarious. Your first attempt is miraculous - keep us posted with your iterations!