Toys for Big Tots - Whizzer



That’s fun! And funny!


Oh, now I’ve seen it in operation: brilliant!


You’ve never seen one? (You led a deprived childhood! I’m sitting here playing with the blasted thing between tasks.) Chuckle! :smile:


Yes, you did - I saw it before. (Reminded me of these!) :grinning:


When I was a kid I had a bigger one that had lights in it. As you spun it, I guess it had maybe mercury switches in it that would turn on the lights. It also had cutouts in it so it would catch the air and whistle as it spun.

Edit: Like this but not exactly that. I recall mine being read and blue.


This will beget lots of good things. Great share @Jules


No mercury required. Just a spring with a weight to close a circuit when the centrifugal force pushes the weight towards the outside.


Man, some of you folks are smart. The mercury switch sounded so techy … whereas the simpler and less expensive spring dealy is probably correct. :sunglasses:


Very nice ! I remember I had one (many) years ago that had two plastic “wheels” they would clab together on the top of the rewind cycle, I still remember the sound it made… :grin:


Not necessarily smart. Just a propensity to take things apart to see how they work from a young age.


Niiice…I want to make one out of metal, and with sharp teeth…MWAHAHAHAHAHHA


Oooooh! Texas Buzzsaw! :grin:


That’s a smart inquisitive mind. Eventually you are able to put them back together with no left-over parts, and they work! After a life of that behavior, I have a pretty good handle on most mechanisms.

“If you take something apart and put it together again enough times, eventually you will have two of them.”


Pffft. They put in extra pieces to confuse people who try and reverse engineer. Don’t fall for it :grin: