Toys for Big Tots - Whizzer



My take on a fidget spinner. (And hubs playing with it.)



NO WAY! I forgot all about those! Used to make them in boy scouts as a kid… I know what I’m doing next!!!


Ooooooo…I had one of these when I was a kid! Great job on a forgotten project.


Are you guys seeing that video? I must have something going really screwy with the blasted network - vids are so slow they might as well be jpegs.


We call them “run-run” in this side of the world. My grandma used to make them for me with a big button :blush:… Oh good old times.


Yep video shows fine. Definitely spinny quick.

I remember the button version from when I was a kid.


Love love LOVE this!
My grandma also used to make me one with a button, I am embarrassed to admit how long it could keep me occupied…


Cute! I guess I lived a deprived childhood–never seen this before. I like how you did the spiral–is it a color-filled engrave?

The video doesn’t play on my iPhone (that’s nothing new) so I’ll have to check it later when I’m near a computer.


No. Really, really slow for me!


Nice! I have played with things like that before. My wife is a therapist with adolescents and young adults. She loves having a few toys like this in her office for the adolescents to play with while talking to her. This is going on my to-do list.


I seem to remember playing with one that had some sort of “whistle” in it. I watched the video and for a second was wondering why I was wanting to hear a certain sound with it.

thanks for the memory! I think I’ll be making one of these tonight for my daughter.


Ahhhh I forgot these existed!! There is another project for the list!


I remember a whistling sound too…If the disk had holes, it would probably whistle somewhat…


My son would probably play with this for quite awhile…lol


It makes a quiet whizzing sound…much better than a whistle for an office environment! ROFL! :laughing:


I used to be hooked on those as a kid. I’ll defiantly be making some for my kids.


Yep…I watched it last night.


I am motivated to finally make that birdhouse… I’ve been slacking… like really slacking… :woman_facepalming:


Love these… I have a version that spins raw eggs and scrambles inside the shell all you do is boil and its a golden egg… ah so much fun…


Nice job Jules! Making some of these are definitely on my list of things to do, especially after I saw this article back in January (I thought I posted it here, but I couldn’t find it in a search):