Trace from uploaded image

I am new to glowforge, but my understanding is to perform a cut you can upload a svg file or you can trace the outline of a picture taken from the glowforge camera.

My question, is why can’t I use the trace software from an image I provide.

So that I could upload an image and have it etched and cutout at the same time.

Sounds like a decent feature request, but GF staff doesnt read this part of the forum. You might want to report this either in “problems and support” or via email to, both of which will open a ticket and get looked at.

The currently accepted method for doing what you’re talking about is to import the image into a SVG editor, like inkscape or illustrator, and use a trace function inside that software to prepare the image for forging.

There are a number of discussions on how to do this, I’d suggest hunting around in the forum for topics like “preparing image”.

Discussions like this:

And many more useful topics can be found in the matrix:

You can use Glowforge’s built in trace function to get both a cut outline and engrave. Just click the trace cursor near the outside of your printed or drawn image. When you return to the design space you should see both cut and engrave operations there. For more information about Trace be sure to check the support docs and work through the recommended first three prints.

My understanding is you can only trace from an svg, are you saying there is a way?
do you mean this?

Trace is only available from the dashboard, and takes you straight to the image of the bed where you can convert printed/sketched designs into prints. Those converted files can not be exported.

If you want to cut from an image file, you need to use design editing software to convert it, as pointed out above. In Inkscape, it’s called “Trace Bitmap.”

If you’d like to file a feature request on this, post it in Problems and Support.