Trace image, then import into inkscape?


I want to use the trace in order to have the proper size for what I want to cut but since the image is complex GF has trouble detecting… can I trace and then somehow import the result into my computer so I can retouch with inkscape… then I could cut properly ?

Unfortunately there’s no way to export a trace from the GF app. You could scan it, though.

And if you don’t have a scanner, even a good photo will do. Lay it flat on the floor in good even lighting and stand above it, you want to minimize the lens distortion from most phones by being a solid 3-4 feet away minimum. The straighter you get your photo the less post processing you’ll have to do.

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Does the glowforge camera also distort ?
I was wondering if I could use the browser image and then do a screen capture… then try to get the path from image using inkscape…

Also if you know inkscape is there a way to clean up whatever is detected so the lines are smooth ?

The GF trace function is intended for simple shapes, i.e. kids hand-drawn designs. For anything more complex that, you’ll need to scan or take a photo with your phone.

Very much, on purpose.

It converts a wide angle lens picture to try to make it as accurate as possible. There is some degree of error. In terms of accuracy it goes (roughly) scan->photo->glowforge trace.

But then even when you scan you have to convert to path… right ?
So I am still vulnerable to inkscape bitmap to path tool

What do you mean “vulnerable”?

I mean to say that if I take a photo then if anything that is not clean could become a path that I don’t need… I really wonder what is the best approach in order to get as close as possible to the outline of my physical object :frowning: I don’t have access to scanner …

Right, so this is where learning how to use curves in your favorite raster program is handy. (and the threshold setting in inkscape) You can usually isolate your image, and it’s definitely going to be more accurate at that than the GF software.

If you want to take this to DM and share the pic, I can show you how I’d approach it. Just hit me up.

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I don’t use Adobe products often, but when I do…

I use Adobe Capture (free).

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