Tracking number received today

…and it’s out for delivery! Good thing I checked, as it didn’t show up on MyChoice. Looks like I’m hanging around the house today…Woot!

BTW day 5 Pro destination Reno NV so close to Flex… hopefully the box won’t get pounded due to relatively close proximity. I’ll let you know!


I ordered on day six and got the email on Oct. 5th…the anticipation is killing me!

Cool! Nice to hear some deliveries are happening today. Now if some promised emails would just go out…


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Update…although I had originally set the delivery address to my home, UPS delivered it to my UPS Store address…no biggie and it probably avoided bouncing around in the truck for most of the day before it reached me. My big box came with ALL FOUR handles intact! However, the top of the box was punctured in several places but fortunately no damage.

The unit seems very robust and has a nicely finished and well-crafted feel to it. I named it BattleBurn, a takeoff of my state’s (NV) motto.

Setup went without a hitch, however I did have to turn it off and move the laser head to the center before it would initially calibrate. No WiFi or app connection issues. Founders ruler and gift of good measure turned out great on draft board. I’m gobsmacked at the detail the GF is capable of.

Looking forward to showing you guys some of my creations down the road.


Congrats! Can’t wait to see them! :grinning:

Congratulations! Now get off the forums and start zapping things :slight_smile:

Actually I have to really start combing the forum for all of the tech knowhow that has been posted but not absorbed by me upon initial reading! Good thing we have such capable curators onboard to organize it!


Where does said “tracking number” appear. I have my email but not sure where I would look if I had a tracking number…

The title of the email was “Your Glowforge is on its way (Glowforge Shipment Notification). The second paragraph starts with “For peace of mind you can track your packages here: and then lists the two packages, their contents, and their tracking numbers. Lots of other info follows pertaining to getting ready to receive the GF, but this should answer your question.

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Yeah! Congrats :smiley:

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Hooray! I’m also a Day 5 Pro customer as well. Got my “Want a glowforge?” email on October 5th, so I’m hopeful mine is also coming shortly!

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Congratulations! So glad to hear that it got there safely!

Great! Hope you were able to get a couple hours of sleep last night!

Just started playing around… this is a dark engrave of a vector (.ai) file I found on the internet…imported into Inkscape, given a cut boundary, saved as an svg, and uploaded into GFUI. Medium :proofgrade: draftboard. Thirty minutes print time and an additional 30 minutes weeding. Dimensions about 5.5 inches square.

You can’t really see it, but there is some nice dimensionality with the engrave…prolly would be more distinct if I had used one of the other :proofgrade: hardwoods.

I know this is kids play compared to some of the awesome things that the rest of you have created, but I’m getting there. I’m getting more and more impressed with the :glowforge: as time goes by. It was well worth the wait!


That turned out great! (I need to check out the new engraving settings.) :grinning:

Almost has orange eyes!