Trader Joe's Olive Wood

Hey friends! Yesterday as I was shopping at Trader Joe’s, I saw that they had beautiful Olive Wood charcuterie boards (I didn’t buy yet because I had my baby and we all know we can’t do much with them haha) but I was wondering if anyone has worked this specific material before and can guide me on their settings!

Thank so much!


If you input the words “olive wood” into the search field, you will have many posts to read.


Totally thought that said Oliver Wood when I first read it.quidditch


I did last year and will check for you and post back. They may not have again when you go back. I had been waiting to get more this year and they were gone quickly at my local Trader Joe’s so I missed out but they had some smaller ones so I grabbed all that was left.


I checked and I just used 1000/full. I don’t know where I got the settings from. I had only just gotten my machine a week or so before.

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