Trading card storage box: The collector

Hey everyone! So as previously stated, I play Magic the gathering. Anyone, regardless of what type of trading card game they play, finds themselves with loads and loads of cards. And after a while you want your collection to be stored away for safe keeping.

After looking at several available options out there and even purchasing a pattern or two by non TCG Players, it became clear that I needed to make my own box that would fit my needs and then some.

And to be clear, the patterns I purchased I was refunded once I reported several issues with. Things like saying they supported 1/4th wood but only providing 1/8th svgs and locking the pattern so it wouldn’t be editable (was still fairly new to GF at the time so I was still learning as I went)

I ended up spending about 8 hours configuring and designing my concept

3 rows, the 2 inner rows are 1/4 slotted fit, and the 2 outer rows are 1/8th wood with a pressure fit, all are glued in place

Holds roughly 950 sleeved cards and roughly 1350 unsleeved cards depending on how deviders are setup.

The lid is friction fit to a snug but not overly tight level. One of the patterns I spent a few dollars on once the lid was on, that was it, I ended up having to use a hammer to get it off.

One thing I did was invest in an unlimited license for a site on unlimited art vectors, I decided to go with a dragon head for my lid art

Hope you all enjoyed this one, I had a lot of fun making these!


Oh well done. We recently got rid of all our cards or I’d definitely be running this by my husband!

You can put the link to your Etsy here - and you can also link it to your profile so anytime someone clicks on your picture it’ll be right there.


Very well executed.


Great job!


I find the satisfaction of making a design that works is just about as good as making a finished product. I seem to do one offs of things and move on to other challenges. Nice work!


The dragon was an excellent choice for the lid. Your project looks fantastic!


Looks great! Love the dragon head. How long to burn/cut the whole project?


The engraving of the dragon is really nice!


@djfb that’s a great question, just loaded the project up without anything on my burn bed, and this is the results

Personally in my opinion it was definitely worth it for the size and styling of the art work.

@JimmyWayneWestie Thanks! I thought so too! :smiley:

That’s an awesome dragon! Great way to finish your box!


What fun! And utilitarian with artfulness. The GF is a wonder!

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@MakerMatthew I definitely try to make things on the practical side of things, art is great but art you can use is even better!

Looks like it works well and I like the ability to adjust the inserts. Nice!


@pubultrastar It definitely works as needed! The cool part using a 1/4th middle insert setup just means you can have 2 inserts (also made from 1/8th in picture) on the same tracking and it won’t bump or knock into the other side. It’s actually pretty convenient!

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