Traditional custom picture frame with stretching keys


This is a picture frame (around 60cm 80cm ) I did for stretching a canvas map of a LARP.

I designed it for a future insert in an IKEA Ribba frame.

It is 5 ⅛" birch plywood, glued and joined to make each sides. Needed 5 sheet for complete design, may be optimized for 4 but not less. Cut and assembled in 1 day.

I model it in Autodesk Inventor based on traditional framing.

Now I need a front mat and to restretch it, I didn’t do it properly the first time.


I also did the cut for a picture frame mat for my diploma. But I can’t show it.

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What a cool joining method! Too bad it’s on the back, it’s really attractive.


Very nice! :grinning:

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Nice practical cut!

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It was inspired by the “circle” “wave” from msraynsford but hexagonal (hexagon are my shape). The dot in the center of the joint is a toothpick to align all the pieces. I also scored the assembly number on the pieces.

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Here is the final result in the frame (IKEA Ribba 61x91) with a recut mat. The finished canvas was exactly 61cm. So tight fit in place


That’s a beautiful result. (I loathe matting and framing pictures- too hard to get it even.)

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I use the provided mat from IKEA then I only opened the opening the necessary size ( used inkscape to do the maths verification.

Now I only need an other fantasy map to complete my triptic of maps

I am thinking of this one
Or this one

Or something else…open to suggestions.


I like the first one. :slightly_smiling_face: