Training Videos

Does anyone have any training videos or plan on doing anything with Udemy or Skillshare for the GF anytime soon? Thanks!

There have been quite a few tutorial videos produced by forum members. Someone even started doing some “basics” videos recently (alas, I don’t remember who but, maybe someone will chime in).

At the risk of channeling @evansd2, searching the forums on “tutorial video” will get you started.


@wenning08 has done some videos. I haven’t seen them (I learn better by reading in most cases), but there’s a starting point.

There are also some videos on various other (more advanced) topics in “the Matrix,” but I can never remember how to get there. :wink: Definitely a search will get you started. But I don’t think there’s anything more formal via Udemy and the like. Yet.

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Here are a few basic ones I’ve been able to do so far:

Hope this helps, still working on more in the future this is all I managed to do so far with my other job and schedule.


Thank you so so much!

No problem, anytime.

The Matrix is the top link on the front page under Tips and Tricks: Community Glowforge Tutorials: Table of Contents Sep '18

It’s also the only thing tagged as “Matrix” so you can search for it that way :slight_smile:

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