Transcending the Medium: Beyond Planes, Edges, and Plywood


@spike I knew I had this link somewhere…


Love it!


Cookie presses from heaven! Wow.


Check out this awesome lightbox made by @jkopel on JoshForge! Beta project "the console" (Star Trek Lighted Console with Adafruit)


I believe this one counts:

Wooden spiral staircase lasermade

Yes indeedy, it does!


Love this project


I love these beautiful pieces by Gabriel Shama, which @henryhbk noted on this thread: Amazing laser wood cut relief sculptures


Here’s another from our own Beta User, @maryellen! I think she really puts the Glowforge’s hand-drawing capabilities through their paces.


This sent the artist in me into a happy dance!
For me, one of the most inspiring products to emerge from a laser.

The personal, human touch is conveyed. As organic and original as a twinkle in the eye, or a smile. Far beyond the cold crisp geometry of blueprint.
Art - communicating spirit by means of matter


That is PERFECT. I love it. Is that originally yours? 'Cause I’m going to quote it everywhere and I want to know whom to credit.


No, I’m not that clever. I read that many years ago, and unfortunately I have no idea whom to attribute it to :pensive:
But like you, I haven’t encountered a better definition, and the words ring in my ear everytime I see art that inspires me!


I could not find that quote attributed to anyone via google.

No results found for “communicating spirit by means of matter” art.

the closest I found was… you!


Hahaha! Yes, I mangle quotes regularly! :thinking:
Soon, I’ll get to where I can hide my own Easter eggs :no_mouth:


Here’s another one, by our own wonderful @polarbrainfreeze.

See all the details on the original post here.


Thanks for your kind words. I don’t feel like I’m in the same league as some of the others on this page yet though.


Oh, you are in that league. I assure you.


Well, I think I’m in Little League, and you, sir, are in the Majors. This creation probably just got you to the World Series.


I’m in the corner eating dirt, so…


Worst case of imposters syndrome I’ve ever seen. That is literally world-class work and I totally agree with @Jules and several others that asking anything less than $10K is undervaluing your work.

You need an agent and I know NOTHING about that sort of thing but displayed the right place I could see it fetching $25K or so. A major factor would be what a few critics think not us though.