Transfer paper

Can this be used as masking for wood that is not proof grade like a bamboo cutting board?

No. You want one that is paper, like what comes on the proofgrade. I don’t know what that one in the picture is made of, but it’s definitely not paper.

I had one similar I used for transferring vinyl from my silhouette cutter, and that was definitely not laser safe.

If you do a forum search for masking, you’ll get tons of results of what is recommended. I’m on my phone right now, so it’s a bit difficult to get a link for you. But what you want is a paper masking.


It clearly says “Vinyl Transfer Tape” on the picture.

Anything with actual Vinyl is a very strict no-no for a laser cutter. It’s really Polyvinyl Chloride, and that produces Chlorine gas and Hydrochloric Acid when it’s lased… The gas is poisonous to breath (it was very popular in WWI), and HCL is produced when the Chlorine gas combines with moisture in the air, with the resulting chemical attacking metal and electrical components/connectors in the printer.


A lot of us use this stuff for masking:


Check out #2:


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