Transfer Tape Resource

Just ordered my first role from this company. 12 inches by 100 YARDS. For $29.99!!!
I paid that for 12 x 100 FEET from Amazon.

Will follow up this thread when it comes in. The medium tack I got from Amazon just isn’t enough.


One thing to remember, transfer tape is just low tack masking tape. Like all masking tape, it will go bad over time. I pulled out my 3 year old roll of 12" transfer tape to mask a piece of plywood yesterday and the it would not peel without tearing.

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I am using the same 592U product on my Baltic Birch & Home Depot plywood. It works well.

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I was looking at this from amazon but waited to pull the trigger in hopes that someone would post an alternative. Waiting paid off.

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Thank you for the recommendation.


I purchased the 4 1/4" X 100 yards & they shipped it pretty quick I have the medium tack & it works okay. Sometimes it will not stick very well to some things. It cost me $18 and I don’t know if I will purchase it again. Blue painters tape seems to work as well or better.

It appears to be somewhat pressure sensitive so a roller or squeegee over the top appears to improve the outcome quite a bit. On leather too much sometimes.



Anyone have a solution they like for leather? I’m still trying to find one that won’t damage the surface when you remove it. Medium-tack blue painters’ tape pulls up little bits of the surface, even after being applied for only a few minutes.

Try low tack?

Low-tack masking tape isn’t readily available in my area. Painters’ tape is generally medium-tack, and the normal masking tape is high-tack. I’d also like something at least 4-6" wide so I don’t have to lay quite so many strips, if possible. Does anybody know what GF has on their Proofgrade materials? I have to think that we could use the same stuff, if we could find it.

Whatever they’re using on PG leather sticks even harder than the masking I’ve been using.

1 Roll 12in x 300ft Application / Transfer Tape, GreenStar Classic Adhesive

This one is pretty light. A fair number of reviews say it doesn’t stick enough to be useful. The roll I got works just about right for me but requires some pressure from a plastic putty knife


It’s not a good long-term solution if you need a ton of it, but I lower tape tack all the time by just sticking it to my pants or fabric desk chair before using it. Jeans will lower the tack less than, like, flannel pajama pants. Peeling it up and sticking it back to fabric twice will lower the tack more than just leaving it stuck once for longer.

Also, heating up the tape adhesive will make it easier to remove. So, for example, if I didn’t destick tape that I want to remove from something fragile, I’ll gently heat it with my heat gun for a few seconds. Just be careful about not burning the tape. Or use a hair dryer rather than a heat gun.