Transferring multiple artboards to glowforge for bigger projects

Hey all you super savvy Illustrator folks!

I am making some dog steps for my old suck of a dog so she can get on my bed safely.

The cut pattern has been placed on four separate artboards (sized 19x11 each) in the same file. Is there a way to transfer the artboards to glowforge easily, or is it better to save the project as 4 separate files?

Thanks for your help!!

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There is a way, I remember it being mentioned as a multiple artboard transfer, but you are going to have to wait to hear about it from someone more savvy than me. I generally just create 4 files. :smile:

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When I have large projects (multi sheet). I either put them into one drawing but with the parts grouped and colored so that I can move the image around in the forge and print each bit separately or I break them into different files. I have not decided which is easier. I am leaning towards one big file.


Awesome! Thank you!

You can copy/paste directly from AI to GF dashboard, it’ll disregard your artboards.


Interesting! That could be very useful. Thank you!

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This is what I do the times I have more than one artboard. Just use the usual copy command on your artboard and then you use the paste command in the Dashboard. So much faster and then I just either rename the file as they will all show up as ‘pasted design’ or delete them if I do not need them again.