Transparent Background - Engraving as a solid?

New here and my first question about my GF Pro. Imported SVG or PDF images are engraving the transparent background as a solid blockbackground filled in on imported objects.pdf (34.5 KB) ? Remove background is set in the Trace Bitmap in Inkscape. I’ve researched it everywhere and can’t see to figure out why it is engraving a transparent background and not just the image. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Jean

background filled in on transparent svg.pdf (40.8 KB)

On the left-hand-side of the GFUI, where there is the column of steps and you set the settings, set it to ignore. Or you can delete the object from your source file, or turn it pure white.

It’s treating it as one object & won’t let me ignore the background. I also tried deleting from source file.
I’m trying to see the difference between the ones printing correctly & these. Maybe if I look closer at those settings it will give me an answer.
Thanks for your speedy reply!

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If you post the actual vector file someone might be able to help you diagnose the root problem.

Bitmaps are treated as engraves. If you’ve traced it in Inkscape, you still need to remove the original bitmap so only the vectors resulting from the trace are output in your SVG.


This was a good, but simple explanation of something I think several people have not understood, lately. Many of the “why is this engraving and not cutting” questions seem to be about this.

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I ran into that problem the other day, but I use Silhouette Studio Business Edition. I recalled seeing in a group where someone said that if you are making a compound path, it will sometimes do this. Most of the time, I have no problem with it, but this time I did. The workaround was to trace the part that was causing the problem and delete the old compound path. That worked for me.

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