Transporting the Glowforge by car

So, I am currently in a situation where I may be in my home state of Connecticut a bit longer. My full-time residence is in NYC, which is where I have my Glowforge and all of my materials. I would love to bring my GF to Connecticut, but I am very wary of transporting it without a box. It’s a 2.5-3.5 hour drive, and it’s not the smoothest of drives either.

Any suggestions on how to safely transport the GF? Is it possible to order an empty box from GF and transport it that way? I’m pretty if it arrived in that box undamaged via UPS/FedEx/USPS/etc., it can survive a drive while tucked in on the back seat of a car so there’s as little shifting as possible. But, any other suggestions would be appreciated!

You can order a new box for $250 but you don’t need it, just put all the orange and red bits back in to lock the gantry and take the print head and crumbtray out (put in something soft and protective).
Hopefully you kept your original box and the orange and red bits?


I kept all the bits, definitely - they are somewhere in my apartment! But I didn’t keep the box, because I used it to return the previous Glowforge that stopped working properly. So…no box :expressionless:

I would also use some padding under it; like a duvet or something. And wedge it in so it doesn’t shift into something else.


I would say that the most important parts are the magic orange bits that keep everything in place.

when we moved to the current house 3 years ago, MLK day. I moved Beamer in our van, I did have the box and the orange bits were all put into place.

no troubles.


Beamer? I’d love to hear why you name it Beamer :slight_smile: After a BMW, or a reference to the ‘beam’ of laser light? :slight_smile:

If you remove the printhead, secure the carriage with the orange bits, tape the lid down, and pad the body of the Glowforge you should be fine.


Beam of light. :slight_smile:

I got the dang thing that November after the LONG wait. right after we were under contract on a new house. so I made one or two things and it was the mad dash to pack up the house, move and then get the original house on the market because carrying two mortgages is a booger.

I have only recently gotten to actually use it with any regularity now.


Correct. I’ve driven mine all over CT for makerfaires and such. Several multi-hour drives. Just the orange bits and a padded moving blanket under it (folded). I don’t even remove the head.


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