Travel Box

Made a fun sand tight sealed box with no glue to hold some sand that we got while we were on vacation at the beach.


Ooh… I never thought of this… I have a whole tub of white sand from the beach at Destin, FL that I got last time I was down to see my sister. This would make a neat little gift for family members up here in Illinois this winter while we’re freezing our butts off. :smiley:


Saw your video on this… and thought that if you glued down the shells first on the back panel, then add the sand… they’re not going to disappear when someone unsuspecting shakes the box…


Great extension of your card box design.

Do you need 3 pieces for the front (draftboard, acrylic, draft board)? What if you cut the front most piece in acrylic? You’d lose the border effect, but simplify the design…


I like this shadow box idea!

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Good idea!

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I just did it this way cuz I wanted a clean boarder with no glue. I could have added a small bead of glue to the acrylic to save the inside piece

Great idea! Nice keepsake.

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