Travlers notebook bag / sketchbook bag

Made these for my store, I’ve wanted to make bags that would be easy to carry the sketchbooks and notebooks for a while, but I hated purses with complicated latches, so i settled for this elastic that pulls the straps to the side.
…IDK i like the more simple designs but I’ve already had people request engraved versions so im working on those too


Nice design but I always wonder about how many openings and closing you would get from wooden hinges. Have you done any sacrificial testing?


Lovely wood and I agree about simple latches.

had 3 prototype bags lol, lot of cursing involved


Consider yourself #OneWhoInspires !

Thank you.

These look very nice! I love the simplistic look as well.

These are INCREDIBLE!!! Engravings on the bag would be so next level.

You should add your store name to your GF profile.

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This looks great!

Love living hinge projects!


Wow! You always amaze. Love those elastic closures.

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The elastic closures are quite ingenious!


Is there a link? I would love to make this for my granddaughter!

This designer sells the product in her store as stated in the original post. If she was sharing the file it would be in the Free File section of the forum.

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And how do I find out about her shop?

They have not posted a link to it in this thread, however by doing a search in the forum, I found a link here;