Trawling for Organizers in the Free Files section 😀

Just a reminder to the new users, there’s a bunch of cool and useful files in there!

These goodies were provided by @takitus and @mpipes.



I can vouch for the glue gun holder. The solvent holder should be soon.

We have some talented and generous people here.


Yeah, I think I’m going to do a couple of minor mods on the solvent caddy to get a CA caddy out of the deal - got half a dozen bottles, different thicknesses and accelerator and stuff, and I can never dig them out of the box in time to use them.

And they’ll match! :smile:


That is a great idea, the only problem for me is that I keep adding types to my collection.


I might toss a couple of xtra holes in there…that’s a very good point!

I’m having mixed results so far with the CA - sometimes it locks up tight, others it fails on me. (And I’m scoring and breaking the finish.)

But sometimes the wood glue just holds better, if I’m patient enough to clamp it and let it set.

(That reminds me…clamp caddy.)


Choosing the right glue is an art. That ca I got from FastCap is great and a huge time saver but if I need max strength it is tightbond or an aerospace epoxy.


If I hadn’t literally just bought a large selection of CAs from BSI, I would have definitely tried those at FastCap…I’m going to hit those up for sure when I run through these. :grinning:

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