Tray puzzle 3


I appear to be on a roll! Last one for today. I’m really enjoying doing these though, so there will be more! (Whether you want them or not!!)

And here are the .svg and .ai files. Enjoy.
Tray Puzzle (1.2 MB)

(The .svg and .ai files are centred, unlike this .jpg!)

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 13th, 2017

p.s. There’s nothing at yet - that’s going to appear when I get the GF.

p.p.s. @dan Surely you have to test out the shipping procedure on the overseas orders by sending a Pre-production unit to someone who really deserves one, don’t you?


By all means, get well ahead with the designing before the machine arrives. You’re aware of the overlapping lines issue, and your designs are now tested on the machine pretty thoroughly…time to get busy!

You’ve got a business to build. :wink:


It’s really good practice posting stuff and getting comments back - and wonderful to see printed versions. I may not post everything here though. As I get better they’ll probably get a bit more sophisticated design wise.

And yes indeed, I do have a business to build! :glowforge:


Aren’t you clever! This is so neat. I think of tumblers in locks when I see this. Very pleasing shapes and will give great satisfaction to bring order to the chaos.


Thanks Marion. This one is a test for a much more complicated one I want to do in the future.
A bit like this, but with concentric circles:


Oh my. It’s magic! That is absolutely beautiful to see! That’s the experience I feel in looking at your puzzles.


This one is nicely evocative of a tree cross-section. Thumbs up!


That video made me burst out laughing. Brilliant ! :smile:


I’m not big on puzzles but this…


Oh could you imagine a 3D puzzle that requires pieces to be rotated in order to interlock in the proper way?


Your designs are great!
Thanks for sharing.


This one is super cool too!
It kinda reminds me of Timelord stuff from Dr. Who:


So, who’s going to build the first Forged Orrery ?


It reminds me of the access port R2-D2 uses on the Death Star.


It happened! :slight_smile: Copernican Planetary Orrery


And next . . . the Antikythera ?
John :upside_down_face:


This is great


I have a rule: I don’t build anything I can’t spell. :wink:

It’s a new rule; I just now made it up. But it feels like a good one!


I’m verging on creating my own rule, to avoid anything I can’t pronounce.
I still have to use google to spell things for me !
John :upside_down_face: