Tray Puzzle 4


Here’s another one for you :slight_smile:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 13th, 2017

Wow! I think this one might be my favorite so far!


This is pretty intense!
Great talent!


I love these…my logic OCD side wants them to be symetrical…but I’m finding them to be pleasantly chaotic…lol


The problem with symetrical is that you would have duplicated pieces and they would be easier to solve - unless the backs of the pieces were obvious some way, like painted a different color.


Unless you add a bit of engraving!
‘Ding’ :bulb:
Watch this space!

@smcgathyfay Go take a look at Number 6
(number 5 is on hold because I was inspired by your post :slight_smile: )



That looks great!


And here is what it looks like cut out of 1/8" Proofgrade maple ply.

I really like this puzzle, and I thought it would be great to color it in with the original colors. Started to do that with Copic markers, but they want to pool on the surface of the finished wood, so I wiped it off. Maybe I will try acrylic paint, or airbrush, at some point. Meanwhile, well done @ian!


That looks great! :grinning:
I would try staining with watered down ink, then a spray on lacquer.


Hahaha–looks like I don’t need to!


If only there was a Photoshop plugin for the GF that added colour like this! One for the hopper @dan :smiley:


Oh by the way @ian, I didn’t closely watch the entire cut but I did see at least one place where there was a double cut. You might want to check your file. It doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference, still looks great!


Hey @ian, finally got around to painting the pieces. It could still use a fourth coat (curse these cheap craft paints).


@ian - I Love all the Puzzles that you have been making and sharing. It is awesome to see them cut out! :grinning:


Thank you @cdoug :slight_smile:


I actually went back and repainted one of the medium greens a darker shade. Those two shades were too close together.


I thought they were yellow!


I was losing friends over these puzzles, so had to make an easier one…lol
Cut this from mdf and used the inkjet transfer to add a pattern…its really easy now…lol
May redo this one and make a more complicated pattern on it so its not as obvious where the circles are…lol


Ha ha! It wasn’t supposed to be really easy!
There is a clue to start the puzzle - the triangle in the bottom left corner.