Treasure trove for Escher fans



Very nice collection!

Word to the wise, though – all the images are “© M. C. Escher, all rights reserved,” and his estate aggressively persues IP violations. :innocent:


I’m a huge fan. Thanks so much for this!


Ooooooooooh! <3


Only another 25 years. Or only 5 in australia…


Him indoors couldn’t resist.:grinning:


I investigated to see if there was a way to download the images, and I was successful, but at full resolution the source images were over 100 megabytes (tiffs are huge), and 9700x7000 pixels. A bit much :wink:


Dung beetles! :boom::tada::balloon::confetti_ball: There’s just not enough artwork devoted to them! :smile:


If I had a nickel…


You’d be a long ways from buying a second Glowforge.