Treble confusion?

Has anyone else noticed the treble heart earrings charm set just released in the catalog features the sign for the bass clef? :musical_score: is treble if my emoji didn’t change and the c is bass.


There’s not a whole lot of quality control in the catalog these days.


I see that, too. I’m guessing it was mis-labled when it was published. That designer is a member here…@neferene1. She might be able to talk about that more.
At Christmastime there were some holly earrings labeled as Mistletoe. I reported it but it was never changed.
There is a link down at the bottom where you can report the design. I used that about the holly earrings, but nothing was done about it.
It’s good you noticed it.


I’ll contact Glowforge and have it corrected. Thanks

Added update:
Here is an updated pic that I sent to glowforge. I hope this helps to clear up the confusion.


I sent them a few pics. They just labeled it wrong. I’ll contact them and let them know.


Thanks for the heads up.

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