Tri-folding abstract geometric forms greeting card



This is a tri-folding card you can make from an 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock. On the innermost panel you might want to glue a contrasting piece of paper.

See the attached image for instructions on which layers to mark as engrave, score, or cut. I found 75 LPI engraving sufficient if you don’t mind (or even enjoy) the horizonal lines texture. Otherwise if you’re willing to wait an extra 10 minutes or so, go for 125 LPI.

Download tri-fold card.svg


Tri-folding Card

Lovely! And i like the low LPI effect on that design! :grinning:


Oh, very cool! Thanks so much for the design!


The card is awesome, but more so the graphics to show the settings should become a thing, very clear! Thanks for sharing!


Nice job! Thank you for sharing your file and settings!


Lovely design and thanks for sharing! Now I have to find someone worthy :grinning:


Neat design and colors! Thanks for sharing.


Thank you. This is very nice!


Beautiful work and very generous of you!


Thanks for the file.

I decided to play with it on 2 tone card stock, and am quite happy with how it came out.