Trial and error projects

Last Christmas we made a lot of our presents with the Glowforge. This year we toned that down a little. These are two gifts that we did create.

The first project should be credited to the great work of @WhenGeeksCraft. They graciously shared their files, which I wanted to replicate with my own twist.

Unfortunately they have greater skills than I.

The first iteration (blue beholder), got scrapped. It would have came out decent, but I forgot to paint in the eyes and teeth. The white you see in the picture was an accident. The glue, which is supposed to dry clear (and has every time except this one) turned white. A chemical reaction to the resin, I guess?

The next attempt would have turned out much better, but I didn’t get all of the bubbles out and I tried a different method of putting a clear coat of resin on the top. This left the edges all jacked up. So to kind of salvage it, I ran it across the table saw. It made an improvement. I’ll take another go at it. Practice makes perfect.

Next is a file I got off of Thingiverse, from Tested, and made it with my own changes. I think the light is overpowered. Should have checked it before gluing it all together.

Crafting is a process that doesn’t always come out right or as intended. Just thought I would share my trial and errors.

Happy crafting and Merry Christmas.


I know what you mean, but practice does make perfect! Thanks for sharing your journey.


The GF equivalent to measure-twice-cut-once…