Tribute to a WW2 vet

My grandfather (“Opa”) just passed. He was a WW2 vet, POW, and retired as a peaceful apple farmer. Someone sent me a picture of him from 2011, the last year he was able to climb and prune his orchard.

I imported the picture, traced over eith vector lines in Inkscape, and cut it on walnut and cherry Proofgrade, then mounted it on a pine backing from the craft store. It will be a gift to his daughter (my mother).

The colors contrast pretty well - and I think it helps that the grains are angled differently with each type of wood.


That is a really cool piece. Never thought to sketch layers like that. I’m sure she will love it, and that’s a touching tribute.


Very nice. Good use of the materials.

I think a family heirloom piece. I might suggest a plastic pouch on the back with a copy of the photo and a writeup of grandfather and what the photo means. You don’t need the remembrance today, but 30 years from now…

great job!


Awwwwww, what a thoughtful piece. I’m sorry you lost him.

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Wonderful project! Your Mother is going to love it.

I agree with @shollg … Copy of photo and note on the back is an xcellent idea!

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That’s incredible! (Made me tear up too.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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