Tried machinist Wax

Not sure Made on a Glowforge is quite the accurate cate3gory, more like placed it in a Glowforge… Anyway, a few weeks back there was the discussion about using wax, where we got to see @chrispallace amazing fairy doors. Well I figured how hard can carving regular machinist wax be (I mean with my micromill pretty easy, but figured wax + laser heat = lots of carving. Nope. Got a nice black and white Chuthulu and used the outer selection in Photoshop to generate a path to Illustrator for the cut line. Then auto traced the image. Put the wax block inside (on a small piece of :proofgrade: maple figuring something might drip if (haha) it cut through.

Shockingly the “cut” setting barely melted the surface. And the engraves also barely touched the surface. Given how smooth it all looks, I am guessing the heat is causing reflow back into the scored area!


I also backed Micromill on KS as well a sGF:glowforge: (obviously).
What a coincidence. However, if you backed any of the 3D resin printers by Makex, or the book “Not My President an Anthology of Dissent”…

Interesting. I’d have thought it would ignite. :neutral_face:

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I was very paranoid about that, but I guess it would make sense to make it hard to ignite given friction heating in a CNC mill…


Machinst wax is fun to machine out. Once you get the SFM right you can get some serious rooster tails. PITA to clean up thou.


Can I guess what image you were using?

Am I right?


Looks like it