Trifold Card Using Double Color Cover Stock

I’ve been printing some of the trifold cards from the Glowforge Catalog and found an interesting paper option – Double Color specialty cover stock. This particular one was “Yarmouth Blue with White” at 75# weight. Its under a Southworth by Neenah label but I’m sure there are other brands out there. Its a single piece of stock but one side is white and the other is a light blue. Using it with the trifold card gives you a variation color when you fold the card:

This one is the Snowy Trees with Moose from the store:


Found some stronger color option stock on Amazon here.


Neenah makes a ton of great duplex cardstock options. A really good place to find paper options for smaller quantities is Glodan.

Most of the wide variety of print stock paper like this is only available in much larger quantities (like 500+ sheets), often in very large press sheets. When a printer orders, say, 500 press sheets that could be 25" x 38", they may only use 2/3 of it. If I understand it correctly, that’s where a company like Glodan comes in. Printers will sell their excess stock to Glodan and then Glodan will mark it up and sell to individuals. This gives you access to papers you’d never find at a store or on Amazon. The glodan site can be quite a rabbit hole for paper searching. You never know what they’ll have in stock.

20+ years ago, you could order small stacks of paper as samples from paper companies. I used to have stacks of 10-20 sheets of different papers. sometimes full press sheets, sometimes 12.5 x 19, which is 1/4 of a 25x38 press sheet and just happens to fit a large format copier very well (and a GF).


Very cool - I cut a second piece that was just a touch taller to get that look, but one piece certainly removes any alignment issues!


Oh, great idea! That really makes the trifold pop!


I like Neenah papers. And they actually have great customer service. I had bought some peel and stick label paper that I wanted to make sure was safe to use in the GF because I wanted to make sure the backing paper was just paper and didn’t have anything like pvc in it because it had a plastic-y feel. I called and left a message (only option), and I was greatly surprised when I actually got a call back the next day! The person wasn’t sure, but said she would check and call me back. And she did! And yes, the labels are fine to use in the GF. Yay!


Pretty! I love the look of lasered cardstock.