Trimming in Inkscape

Next dumb question as I learn inkscape. How do I take the bottom part of the circle off were it meets the arch? I have tried paths, but it ei

ther takes the whole circle out or the archs, but not the part I want. The red is cut line.

Select your circle.

Path->object to path.

Select your two “curves” at the bottom (also red). Combine (control-k).

Now you have 2 path objects.

Select your now single path “curves” at the bottom.

Select the node tool.

Select the two nodes at the top of them (where htey join the circle.) There is an icon int he menu bar area that says “join selected end nodes with a new segment”. Do that.

Now do the same with the bottom of your curves. You should end up with a closed shape, straight lines across the top and bottom, curves down the sides.

Great. Select that shape and the circle, go to “Path->union”. And you’ll have a joined single shape.

Basic idea attached.



ok that worked but now I have the line ont he bottom of the arch how do I get rid of it

Select the two nodes, and there’s a button to remove the path between.

“delete segment between two non endpoint nodes”.

BTW, learn nodes. It’ll pay you back. There’s a tutorial that I linked to in a previous post somewhere. let me take a second to go find it for you.


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