Trophy for cultural event at work

Made a set of walnut & acrylic trophies for a cultural event at my wife’s work. Really happy with how they turned out!


Few things of note:

  • Those metal standoffs were surprisingly hard to find locally at a brick & mortar store. I had to go to home depot & scrounge around the nuts & bolt sections. I was hoping for brass standoffs, but only were able to find some on Amazon & they wouldn’t have arrived on time.
  • The walnut part was 1/2 inch thick. One set was solid walnut, the other was walnut plywood. I was a little worried about cutting through half-inch thick wood, but the Glowforge faired decently well. I do have the Pro unit, which has a tad more power than the basic models, but I think the Basic unit would do just fine as well. I DID have to flip the wood over & had to carefully/manually align the back-side to ensure the laser would meet the other cut “half-way”.
  • I used Full power @ 200 speed, 2 passes for each side. Focus height was set to 0.5 inches for all passes. This didn’t result in too much burn/char. I used transfer tape to ensure a clean cut/engrave.
  • Acrylic was 1/8" Proofgrade. Used SD engrave setting.



They turned out really nice. Sometimes it’s surprising how difficult it is to find what you need locally.

Those look pretty awesome :+1:

I think folks will love them—they came out great!

They look great! I’ve stopped looking for thing here and just order from Amazon when I have the time.

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Really nice work

I like the round shapes! :grinning:

These are fantastic!
Can you go into a bit more detail about the standoffs? I really like the industrial look of them, and nice to know something can just be used from Home Depot. I can see the bolts/nuts, but what are the cylinder pieces? Did you get those at Home Depot too?

Yup - something like this:

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Can you send me the link of the stand offs you got? Amazing design!!