Used clear acrylic that is frosted on one side. Etched the picture on the back (frosted side) and engraved the lettering on the front. The base is 5mm plywood box covered in proof grade walnut vainer. I thought about adding a set of LED lights in the base but since this will usually be displayed outdoors or at least in bright sunlight, it didn’t really add much to it. I have other plans for etching on acrylic that will have LED lighting.


You did a really nice job on it!


Ooh! Hubs would like something like that! :grinning:


That’s a really nice design approach. The frosted acrylic is a nice alternative to LED lit acrylic. I like this one a lot.


That is such a clean design. I like the frosted background with the text on the front. :grin:


Lovely! Not sure I would have thought of doing something on both sides of it … Really lovely choice.