Trouble converting image to vector in AI (or Inkscape, or Photoshop)


Trying to convert these oak leaves into a vector so that I can score them in GFUI…when I try (in AI), all I get are a series of lines and dots that aren’t remotely recognizable as oak leaves. Have looked through the tutorials and followed instructions as best as I understand them. Any suggestions as to where I’m going wrong?


In Inkscape ‘Trace Bitmap’, and set stroke with no fill.
Shift/click to set score color.

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If you want to load the file I can take a look at it - some of them are hard to get a good auto-trace off of.

(Or if I get pulled away - you can try the different settings for Live -Trace and vary things like blur and colors to get different results. Sometimes the best bet though is a Manual Trace.)

Hey Jules and PrintToLaser,

Thanks for the quick response.

I uploaded the .svg image in my original post, but it doesn’t show up???

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Oh that’s okay, it’s the little dot. Discourse does that if you don’t zip it first.

Okay I opened the SVG, and all I can see in it is a rectangle and some text for scoring and a hole.

If you have a raster image associated with that, you need to Embed the image in the SVG file before you save it. Click on the raster image to select it and then click the Embed button that is going to appear in the top row.

Then when you save it as an SVG file, be sure to click the Embed Images radial dial in the popup.


Okay, here it is with embedded oak leaves.

When saved (AI), a window popped up that said: “The following items could not be exported properly”…“Transforms are expanded”

Okay I just got back, give me a minute.

No, something strange is going on - I just opened that one again and it still has no jpeg or png image in it.

It has some oak leaves in it that you are trying to trace in Illustrator, right? Can you zip up the AI file with the oak leaves picture in it and load it here? (Not the SVG.)

You will have to zip it first.