Trouble with nozzle on Brilliance spray

Purchased some Brilliance spray after using the dry moly. Huge difference in quality so really pleased with the results.

But…after the first use/spray, the nozzle does not spray properly. Sputters and spits, leaks out in large drops. The stuff is expensive and I hate to watch it wasted.

Has anyone had any similar problems? I’ve cleaned the nozzles several times to no avail.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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Any chance the nozzle fits on a can of cleaner? might be able to pop it on there and blast all the stuff and things out?

It should go without saying, after every use, turn the can upside down and spray until just propellant comes out. Yeah, there’s waste, but at least it will work next time.

Soaking in a sealed container of paint thinner or similar might help unclog it.

I save every nozzle after using up cans of paint/lacquer/adhesive, just in case.


Learned long time ago to spray upside down after use and did that after my first use. Still became clogged.