Trouble with Orbi Mesh Wifi

Hi there everybody, has anyone else had trouble setting up your Glowforge with an Orbi Mesh system? I know the Orbi is supposed to broadcast 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz, but my Glowforge is just not seeing the 2.4 signal.
Marc with tech support had me factory reset the laser, and I go through all of the steps, and when it’s supposed to reboot itself, it just never does.

Posting here opens a support ticket, just FYI.

That said, I seem to recall this coming up before, and iirc, it’s an issue with the mesh system “prioritizing” 5GHz over 2.4. You have to fix it in the config of that system.

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Thanks, I tried searching the forum for something involving the Orbi, but couldn’t find anything. I was wondering if it was something with the the system prioritizing the 5GHz, and I’m trying to figure out how to configure that now.

@MichaelKoske I had an Orbi Mesh system up until the world shut down. I lived in a guest house so I shared the internet with the main house and had one of the Orbi satellites in our guest house. I did have some issues, but the main problem I had was my Glowforge and my Apple TV just were determined to conflict with each other. As long as I unplugged my Apple TV my Glowforge worked.

I finally have moved into a new home and my final things arrived today. I purchased an Orbi system for here but don’t have my Glowforge set up yet. Unfortunately I know it will likely be a week or so before I have all the venting worked out. I might be able to just hook my GF up tomorrow and can take a look at it if you want me to give it a try if there is anything in particular that might answer your questions.

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I have a bunch of WiFi IOT devices in my house, and they all require 2.4GHz and none will connect to my Netgear router or Linksys Velop mesh if 5.8GHz is enabled. But of course, I want 5.8GHz enabled. When I got the Velop, I shut off the router’s WiFi. To fix my 2.4GHz problem, I created a separate SSID on the router and enabled the 2.4GHz radio only. That’s on a dedicated segment, so the IOT devices can see the internet but not my private network. Works fine this way. But interestingly, I did not have to do this for the GF. It’s connected to the Velop mesh and happy as a clam.

That would be great, thank you.
The only thing I could figure out that actually worked, was to enable the guest network, and the Glowforge connected to that perfectly.


So if I understand correctly, and I doubt I do, do you have your router set up to just work on the 2.4 GHz signal?

Interesting. We were on the guest network at the guest house before. I have set up a guest network here. I guess I will try it both ways. There does not appear to be anywhere in the Orbi setup to limit the main or guest network to 2.4 GHz only.

Exactly. I have a completely different SSID for the 2.4GHz on the router. Everything in my house that isn’t an IOT uses the Velop mesh. The IOT stuff is on an isolated segment so they can see each other and the WAN but not my LAN.

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I have an Orbi set up. The RB router and 2 satellites. I upgraded to this system awhile ago and it has worked fine. It seems to does do 2.4GH fine. In my new home, I have one of the satellites in in same room as the GF. In my mind, I believe most of the problems with the GF are internet, too much light in the camera or lens cleaning. There is always a hiccup or 2 that I have felt were internet, but I suspected my ISP more then my ORBI. Nothing a reset didn’t take care of. I would, if you can, try a satellite very close to the GF. I have other IoT stuff connected to it and I have never seen it overwhelmed. I dont want to make it out to be perfect because I think the App is crap and it has other quirks which I cant understand, but from a GF perspective it has been working fine.

Just clarifying, the GF app or the Netgear Orbi app? I have been setting up my Orbi through my web browser not the app. I prefer to be able to see all the settings, not limited by the app. Honestly I’m not an ‘app’ person. I use my laptop and full programs whenever possible to have access to all the tweaks.

Based on another discussion, I’m planning on connecting my GF to my guest network and pretty much everything else to my main network. Hopefully that will limit interference with other devices.

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i meant the Orbi app. Sorry for the confusion. I think you are right. I need to start using the webbrowser. The orbi app used to work, then some parts just seemed to stop and there was no solve. Annoying. I hadnt thought of using the guest network. Interesting. I never had an issue so I dont think it rose as a possibility.

@MichaelKoske I’m a little slow replying to this but just wanted to let you know what my ultimate outcome was. I set everything in the house on the primary network of the Orbi mesh network. Finally setup my Glowforge a couple of days ago and set it up on the guest network all by itself. It is running like a dream. Zero issues, no interference like I tended to have before, so far no ‘centering’, ‘focusing’ or anything else. Designs are uploading faster than ever. Highly recommend this option for anyone with these various complaints. I always knew it was a Wifi issue before but I couldn’t resolve it due to my living situation before.


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