Truck floor console

My truck has six cup holders, but none of them are quite the right size for my coffee mugs. I hate the universal-fit plastic consoles that they sell at auto parts stores, so I thought I would try to come up with something quick. The first draft didn’t fit at all, but the second draft fit alright. The cup holder is still just a pinch snug for my mugs, but they don’t rattle!

I have plans for an addition to hook over the other side of the transmission tunnel as well so that it really holds itself in place, but for now the teeth are working to keep it from moving around.

The floor is made from a draft board calibration sheet and covered in proofgrade veneer. The sides are made from proofgrade maple ply and the cup holder is Baltic birch ply.


My favorite kind of project! Gives me some ideas for a tray in my car. Thank you!


That is pretty cool, you could use the high temperature Velcro to pin it down to your floor

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Nice solution!

Yeah, that’s going to be a convenient place to drop stuff in, don’t wait for the moment when an emergency reaction causes it to dump everything under your feet or pedals!

I once had a Coke can lodge itself upright under the break, and when I went to stop the pedal felt like it was welded in place! In the moment of panic I came down on the pedal and crushed the can and the resulting breaking almost throwing me into the windshield.

The dark woodgrain looks killer, and the taper design fits perfect. :sunglasses:


Very practical solution

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“mug” :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, I know, it’s not a beer can, but at first glance…


ha, it would be annoying to get pulled over for iced tea.
Regular 12oz cans fit great in the holder, my mugs are a bit thicker than that.

I didn’t take the 6 mils worth of sticker material into account when I measured the mug.

It fits, but I have to lift it straight out or it will bind. Now that I consider it, drilling a small hole in the bottom might help.


Oh yeah, if it’s that close suction is probably the enemy


I was making some center consoles for trucks for awhile.
I used this pattern for end plates and never had any complaints about them sliding around.
I had to use a contour gauge for each flavor of truck, since the bends and angle were all different.


Neat project! Be sure to update us when you get the holder addition done, I’ll be interested in seeing it.

In high school I had a friend pulled over for drinking root beer. Because brown bottle.


One of my favorite things to drink in fall/winter is Martinelli’s sparkling cider…

I stopped drinking it in the car :stuck_out_tongue: